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Alex Varbanov
Born 1968

Favored Position: defensive midfield

Youth school teams in Bulgaria
Various local over 30 and co-ed leagues
3rd place 2004 LFC (team Holland)
3rd place 2005 LFC (team Ireland)

Joined LFC 2000

2004 LFC:  3 goals,  4 assists
2005 LFC: 2 goals,  3 assists
Additional Background:
Born in Bulgaria, I am about the same age as Hristo Stoichkov. I am definitely better player than him:

1) I can play well with both feet (Stoichkov prefers left foot);

2) I see the game better than he I usually know to whom I will pass before I get the ball, while Stoichkov uses the time when he does not have the ball to argue with officials

3) I can play any position while Stoichkov plays only striker

4) I do not have a yellow or red card in my life; Stoichkov does not have a game without a card;

In case you are wondering why Stoichkov is famous and I am not (yet), this is because I decided to devote myself to Statistics and keep soccer as my hobby. 

I am Alex Varbanov and I do not approve this message (about Stoichkov)
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Alex is a free agent replacement sub
513-622-3169 office