Loveland FC Indoor League
Week 1:  10 November 2005
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Five Seasons 12            Mid-American Pools  7   Norris (4)                       Smith (5)
Mcginlay                        Bellini (11)
(6, 10, 13, 14, 42, 43)    
Davidson (13, 25, 41)       (35, 39, 43, 44, 45)
French (21, 22)
Dorsey (Y) 
by M.Martinson
With the two previous results of the season in, teams Five Seasons and Mid-American Gunite Pools both looked to jump to the top of the league table.  The pre-game talk swirled around the construction of these two juggernauts. The press conference featured a confident captain
Josh Dorsey.

"Let me set the record straight," he said, "we call ourselves the MAG-Ps. Ok? Or for you simpler folks out there just go with 'Blue'."

Always one to stir the pot, rival captain
Patrick Jones (of BNT) fired more questions at Josh.

"Mr. Dorsey, is it true you actually have more hair than me?"  "Mr. Dorsey, is it true you sleep in you MAG-P jersey at night?" 

Dorsey held firm, batting back each volley a reply of "Next question."

Asked about his team's defense,
Dave Snowden replied, "Coming into this game we are yet to be scored on this season, so I feel pretty confident."

The other side of the coin featured a team just as interesting in Five Seasons Sports and Country Club.  With a lineup of players from virtually every team of the 2005 spring season, no-one knew what to expect of the team in red.  Crotchety ol' veteran
John McGinlay led the side with brave Adam Macke marshalling the defense in his net.  On paper, the versatility of the players in red seemed to be their strength.

When play began, the men in "Five Seasons red" began to show what their strength was: ball control.  Five Seasons were able to move the ball and pick it off the MAG-Ps just a step quicker. The persistent
Tom Norris found the first goal from eight yards out to grab a 1-0 lead.  The Blues struck back quickly through the equally persistent, if slightly less hairy, Karl Smith.  Credit must go to Tim Brannigan, the goalie, for a quick distribution that put the ball up near the opposition's goal where Smith likes to ply his trade - usually while flying, sliding, and somersaulting across the field with near reckless abandon.

Before long though, the trend of the game was to show. Five Seasons demonstrated a quickness and precision coming out of the back.  By the eighth minute,
Paul Davidson set up John McGinlay for a goal from close range that gave the Reds a lead that they would never relinquish.  While Paolo Bellini continued to put shots at the net and pepper the frame of goal for blue, the likes of McGinlay, Davidson, and French were adding to the lead for Five Seasons. The determined defending of Dave Snowden and Tim Brannigan was just not enough. In fact, at times it seemed blue's keeper had to stop more close passes across the frame of goal than he had opportunities to make saves on shots.
Some goals came off set pieces, some from close range tap-ins, and some from shots when the ball was switched from the wing to the center.  The passes were crisp and purposeful enough to unhinge any defense, with McGinlay banging home four in the first half.  It almost looked like he had played the game before.  The MAG-Ps struggled to mark their men tight enough to shut down the onslaught.

The second half slowed down briefly in the middle of the period.  The Blues managed to spread around some shots on goal throughout their roster, but no one was able to get back on the board until it was too late.  An unfortunate moment occurred when
Mark French had an up close and personal meeting with the boards.  The contact with Dorsey seemed incidental to all observers on the sideline, but a collective "ouch" was still in order along with a yellow card from referee Mike Szymanski.  The end of the game featured an impressive flurry of goals from Josh Dorsey with five in ten minutes; three of which were set up by Javier Cordero.  Mid-American Gunite Pools found fluidity of play simply too late, while Five Seasons already looked in midseason form.

Post-game speculation already has started.  Some people are worried that Five Seasons' goal leader
John McGinlay has already made one of his two gratuitous appearances for the team.  His announcement that he would be reducing his international commitments left some critics speculating that the decision might be in response to pressures of new owners, Five Seasons Sports and Country Club.  Five Seasons representative, Rebecca McAllister's response was, "Which one is John?  Does he play tennis?"  

No longer needing to worry about anonymity,
McGinlay opened the season netting 6 goals in a single game breaking Luigi Feola's previous league record of 5, set only last year. Meanwhile rumors fly that Maik Hach has not yet resurfaced from the home county since last Oktoberfest and his whereabouts remain unknown.  The MAG-Ps, meanwhile, look forward to Kai Mbayo suiting up and bagging some much-anticipated goals.  In case of emergency, Brice Westring was heard to be brushing up on his Tagalog for next week in hopes to impersonate Mbayo.  We won't bother to tell him that itís the wrong language.
Five Seasons Tops the Table; Feola's Record Falls
In red, Five Seasons'
Jonas Vredeveld (obscured) passes to teammate John McGinlay (far back) for one of McGinlay's record breaking 6 goals.